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How Data, Analytics and Creativity Unlock Hidden Value and Build Brand Loyalty

Listen to Brian Lannan, VP of Retail at Avtex, Steve Smith, Principal Solutions Architect at Avtex and Ira Gleser, Director of Retail and Consumer Goods at Microsoft, discuss how the best brands are using data, intent analytics, and technology to maximize profits, empower employees and reward loyal customers.

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Learn what it takes to successfully transform your customer experience in 2022.

In the post-pandemic retail market, it’s a brave new world for brands hoping to retain their customers. Since 2020, 75% of customers have tried new shopping behaviors—many of them approaching new brands to unlock additional convenience and value. In response, companies continue to prioritize loyalty-building strategies across the customer experience as they attempt to navigate these challenges and come out the other side with greater market share.

 So, what’s the secret to brand loyalty in 2022? It all comes down to the customer data, and how brands are using that data to deliver the personalized experiences their customers crave. In this webinar our retail experts will explore a handful of loyalty strategies brands can deploy to better understand their customer needs, personalize the loyalty experience, and drive ongoing engagement across the customer lifecycle.

This webinar will teach you... 

Best practices for leveraging third-party data to turn unknown customers into known users

How to leverage data to provide personalized messaging and offers that  incentivize and reward loyal customers

How technology solutions, such as Microsoft Customer Insights, can help brands stand up powerful loyalty programs that deliver immediate results

How to get the most out of loyalty offerings with AI-enabled capabilities including third-party data augmentation,  segmentation, behavioral analytics and more

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